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ATTN: Beginner Real Estate Investors…

Discover How You Can Fast Track Yourself To Real Estate Wealth By Using A Proven Step-By-Step System

Build A Rich Legacy For Your Children Or Grandchildren Even In Rapidly Changing Market Conditions


Dear future real estate investor,

Have you been considering investing in real estate for months, possibly years, but you’re not getting any closer to taking action?

Are you reading book after book, joining clubs, taking courses, piecing the answers together, only to end up more confused?

The thing is, that despite the well-known rewards…

Real estate investing can seem frustrating and even irrational, especially when you are just starting out

I hear it all the time…

“What if I can’t pay and get into debt?”

“What if real estate investing is not for me?”

“I feel like one wrong turn could lead me to a significant financial loss… and I won’t be able to pay for my kids’ university education anymore”

Now in 2022, people are too afraid to make a financial move

That’s as result of the news constantly barraging them with things like...

“Interest Rates Are Up!...The Dollar Is Down!...The Real Estate Market Is Grinding To A Halt!”

Sure, it's easy to get all caught up in these negative stories

But I'm here to tell you, there is an... outrageous silver lining to this cloud!

While the masses focus on the negative, successful real estate investors are seeing huge opportunities

Opportunities so ripe for the picking that I'm more excited now then I have been in years

And you know why?

It's because now, I believe is the absolute perfect time to be thinking about investing in real estate!

While everyone else is “running for the hills”, you can be running to the bank with your profits

You can add an extra stream of income…

You can even build a rich legacy for your children or grandchildren with a million or multimillion dollar rental property portfolio

The only catch is that you need something that almost all highly successful investors have… and will separate you from the crowd

A proven step-by-step system that you can follow and get predictable results

A system that is going to help you on each step of the process - from finding, buying, rehabbing, managing properties, finding tenants, leveraging loans and most importantly…

Automating your real estate business so it can generate passive income

Before I show it to you, let me do a quick presentation...

My name is Francis Musau and I’m a successful real estate investor

I'm NOT here to throw some hodge-podge of unproven or untested ideas that sound good on paper but fall flat on their face in the real world

Not at all

I’m not either a stock broker or real estate agent trying to get you to spend a fortune so I can get fat on commissions, nor some fake guru trying to become rich using sleezy marketing tactics

I’m a down-in-the-dirt, rolled-up shirt-sleeve financial guy who knows what it means to have been completely broke and in debt, and how to turn it around

In the last

20 years of my experience, I created a program to share the good, bad, and ugly I've learned through the school of hard knocks

Like a co-pilot helping you to navigate the real estate investing journey, this program can help you each step of the way

Presenting “The Ultimate Real Estate Wealth Creation Program”

A totally unique, one-of-a-kind real estate education program to show people just like you, the safe and secure path to creating wealth with different real estate investment strategies - even with little or none of your own money!

No matter what the market is doing!

Here’s a full preview of what they’ll learn inside “The Ultimate Real Estate Wealth Creation Program”

  • How to think and become a successful real estate investor (within 30 days you’ll be amazed to see opportunities you never knew existed)

  • How real estate and property managing work (plus all the terminology you need)

  • Getting good tenants... The inside secrets to having someone else pay your mortgage!

  • How to get money to invest using other people's money (OPM) - don't worry this is a 100% legal strategy

  • How to start buying real estate right now and keep buying it no matter what the bank says!

  • How to determine if an investment is right for you … without the fear of missing an "opportunity of a lifetime"

  • How to find investors & have them lining up to give you wads of cash!

  • Discover, step-by-step, exactly how to buy positive cash flow real estate - learn what to do... and what NOT to do by actually looking at and analyzing properties

  • 22+ “Super Strategies” only the pros use to create a goldmine of profits

  • This Is A 100% Action-Based Class

    I will show you how to piece every single part of a successful real estate investing journey together so you can make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time

    I will not only give you the knowledge, but teach you how to translate that knowledge into action

    I will show you how a difficult process becomes easy with practice and proper implementation through an experienced mentor like myself

    To be specific…

    I’m going to start off by giving you some advice on having the right mindset before we even get started - I am a big believer that in order to a become a successful investor you need to think like one

    Then we’re gonna continue by building a strong base of foundational knowledge – I’ll be teaching you how real estate and property managing work, plus all the terminology you need

    Right after that, on module 3 of this course, we’re tapping into more experienced strategies, like buy-and-hold, cashflow strategy, how to make money through Airbnb, wholesaling, house hacking as well as leasing and rehabbing

    In module 4, we’re gonna unlock your potential to become a Landlord

    Finally, in module 5 I’m going to teach you something that it’s never heard of in the real estate industry – how you can build a predictable automated business that will bring in passive income without you being in charge

    The best part?

    Along with the course, come the extra materials as well – guides, checklists, worksheets, lesson summaries and weekly tasks to help you apply the program materials immediately so you will be able to start finding and creating great deals right away

    Let me break them down for you…

    Bonus #1

    Real Estate Wealth Creation Toolkit

    The hands-on tools you need to manage personal finances, bookkeeping, rental properties, acquisition and last but not least some recommended resources on personal development blogs, podcasts, books and productivity hacks

    $197.00 Value

    Bonus #2

    Access To V.I.P Private Facebook Group

    You'll be invited to a private online community on Facebook exclusively for program students. You'll be able to post questions and ideas to the group, chat 1-on-1 with me or other members, discuss the lessons and keep yourself accountable


    Bonus #3

    Lifetime Membership To The Program+Community

    Pay once, repeat any part of the course, get future updates, and stay connected to the community for life


    Bonus #4

    Go-To Guidebook With Scripts To Negotiate Phenomenal Prices And Terms

    This guidebook reveals exactly how you can negotiate the best deal possible through each step of a transaction in the order in which it generally arises and provides detailed analysis on how to handle each part of the process

    $297.00 Value

    Bonus #5

    How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Offer Letter

    A real estate offer letter template, which provides a professional layout and will help you brainstorm talking points for when you craft your own stand-out offer letter

    $297.00 Value

    Bonus #6

    20 Real Estate Email Templates To Use In 2022

    The fastest way to modernize your outreach is by applying short, direct, and personalized email campaigns. To help you get started, I will give you 20 real estate email templates that will usher your communication into the digital age

    $497.00 Value

    Bonus #7

    Real Estate Wealth Creation Library

    A library of some of the best material available for real estate investors. There’s a lot of books that could be in here, but I’ve purposefully narrowed it down to a surmountable list of the highest impact, most influential books I’ve read


    Bonus #8

    House Hunting Checklist

    In order to keep track of all the decisions you have to make, I’ve made a house hunting checklist to help you remember all the important details to look out for while shopping for the right fit. Following this checklist will make comparing homes after touring them simpler and will help ensure no important considerations slip through the cracks

    $97.00 Value

    Bonus #9

    Top 5 Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors Cheatsheet

    Does the thought of filing your taxes this year overwhelm you with anxiety? Are your business receipts unorganized and sparse? Not to worry, these 5 tax saving strategies that I’m going to explain to you will help you get back the money you deserve

    $197.00 Value

    Bonus #10

    The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide for Real Estate Professionals

    Discover the techniques that will make your real estate business grow exponentially. This easy-to-comprehend guide will teach how to navigate the roadmap of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and many more

    $49.00 Value

    Bonus #11

    How To Turn Your Business Into A Lean, Mean, Automated Money-Making Machine

    This is a video lesson from a special guest I'll have on my program


    Bonus #12

    Additional Support By Francis 24/7 Through Email

    Throughout the program, I don't want you to be left with more questions. I'm here to help you, to support you on your journey 24/7 through email


    Who Is This Program For?

    This program is designed mainly for those who are either just starting out or who have already bought their first or second property but want to grow

    It's important that you understand the power of real estate investing

    You like the control it gives you to build generational wealth and enjoy financial freedom for the years to come

    But you also know that real estate investing also has a lot of moving parts

    Making progress can sometimes feel overwhelming (even if you bought real estate in the past)

    “The Ultimate Real Estate Wealth Creation Program” is both the guide AND the supportive community you need to get unstuck, become confident, and move forward towards your next purchase It's designed for local landlords, long-distance landlords, house hackers, flippers, or wholesalers

    And it can help whether you're brand new or just getting back into the game

    This Program Is NOT For Everyone…

    If you are convinced that you cannot make money in real estate, this program is NOT for you If you are not prepared to follow the action steps I provide, this training is NOT for you

    This program is strictly for people that want MORE from life and believe real estate will help them reach personal and financial goals

    Most importantly, this training is for anyone willing to follow a proven process that has helped create many millionaires across the world

    Okay Francis, I Understand! But What's The Investment?

    At this point you're probably wondering what a program with all these benefits and bonuses costs...

    And how you can fit it in your budget…

    Well, there are 5-day real estate courses that would cost you $3,000, or even $5,000.

    And after they're finished, you still wouldn't have all the proven tools, the ongoing follow-up, networking and support that I’m going to provide you!

    “The ultimate real estate wealth creation program” is an ongoing program, not just a weekend or 5-day course!

    This exclusive program is designed so you will achieve the success in real estate you truly deserve!

    And it doesn't cost the huge fees that these other courses cost!

    “The ultimate real estate wealth creation program” is only $297


    No hidden fees, no extra costs!

    With pricing that low, and the huge number of benefits you'll receive, the only real question becomes: If you are truly committed to reaching the level of success you know you deserve...can you afford not to join?!?

    But this unbelievable offer doesn't stop there!

    I’m going to make it even more outrageous by...

    Taking ALL The Risk Out For You With My Unbeatable, 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    I pride myself on high-quality programs that actually work. If you put the work in, meaning you did study the materials, did the action exercises and followed my advice but didn’t fulfill the goal this program promised, I will personally make sure to refund 100% of the money back.

    Click the button below and let’s get started. You got nothing to lose!


    What Are Some Of My Students Saying...

    "Francis made the classes simple and doable through the worksheets and bonuses. Francis is knowledgeable, a great teacher and passionate about helping each student to be successful. Hands down, whether new at real estate or you want to step up your business, you'll want in!

    Khristi Vee, Jacksonville, FL

    "Francis really cares about everyone and wants everyone to be successful in whatever they're doing. And no matter where you're starting or where you want to go, this course really gives you the knowledge and confidence to just use real estate to do some different things."

    Dennis Higgs, Bloomfield, NJ

    This is truly your last chance!

    Months from now, when you look back, you’re going to realize that your entire life eventually came down to a few key decisions you made...

    This is one of those key decisions...

    If you don’t take action, I think you’re going to end up in the same place as you are right now

    Struggling to live a life of financial freedom…

    Struggling to live the kind of life you really want…

    Don’t look back then only to wonder how different things could have been for you. Don’t do that to yourself. Make time today to take a risk-free decision to become the best version of you. It does not matter what your past looks like.

    You have the tools now in this program to make a massive change in your life today and create radically different results Wouldn’t you like that?

    Hit the button now and I’ll see you on the other side





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